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The Dispatch Redux: Five Things To Read This Week

Christopher Mudiappahpillai
Christopher Mudiappahpillai
Hi friends. You might not remember signing up for this, but you did.
One reason you might not remember is because the last issue - “Issue #7” - was sent out over two years ago, in December 2017. In that time, I’ve become a father twice over. And that’s about it really. Parenthood, as it turns out, takes a lot of your time.
Our kids are full-on toddlers at this point, so I’m going to take another kick at this particular can. But with it comes some changes - read on if you’d like to hear more.
New phone - who dis?
So yes - first things first, a rebrand of sorts:
Five Things To Read This Week
And like the name says, I’m paring things down to a simple list of five articles (sometimes with excerpts) and some commentary, delivered to your inbox more-or-less weekly.
Lots of ifs and maybes in that description, I realize. I’m hedging a little bit, but, you know…. *waves hands at the world outside*.
There will be swears
Not a lot, and not all the time, but the content is definitely going to be PG-13+. Same with the commentary. Consider yourself warned. Also, emoji.¹
Detours and rabbit holes
This email will be derived from and an extension of what I’m thinking about, researching, reading, watching, etc., so while the general topics are going to remain, loosely, “Technology”, “Work”, and “Life” - I reserve the right to switch things up.²
Tell yo friends!
And last but not least, if you find this interesting, please do share, forward, like, subscribe, swipe right… You get the idea.
Okay, actually ‘last’ - thank you. It means a lot to me that you’re willing to give my words and thoughts your time and attention.
Read on for a taste of what’s to come.

On Technology
On Work
On Life
  1. Also footnotes. If you’ve read my writing in the past, you might remember my fondness for footnotes. And distaste for - at the time - emoticons. Some things change, and somethings will always stay the same.
  2. Sometimes there will be more than 5 links. Or less. It’s more of an art than a science.
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Christopher Mudiappahpillai
Christopher Mudiappahpillai @mudiappahpillai

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