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By Christopher Mudiappahpillai

Five Things: Let's Talk About Vaccines*



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Christopher Mudiappahpillai
Christopher Mudiappahpillai
* And COVID-19.
In an unexpected turn of events, I managed to get the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine this weekend.¹
The whole process took about 40 minutes from the time I got in line to when I was out of the facility. The staff and volunteers where all amazing.²
I’m not going to lie - I was pretty emotional throughout, with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I’m extremely lucky to be in a part of the world where I’ve felt relatively safe throughout the pandemic, am able to work from home, and now - have a chance at getting the vaccine quickly.
Unfortunately, the pandemic is still raging in many places, and the the effects of this will be with us for months and years and generations to come. So, in light of that, I thought I’d share some of the most useful COVID-19 and vaccine related things I’ve read recently.

On the science
On the vaccination effort
How do the vaccines reach you? Inside Ontario’s complicated distribution network
On vaccine hesitancy
On life after the vaccine
  1. Moderna, if you’re keeping score. I’ve been large side-effect free - a bit of arm soreness, and a slight fever overnight.
  2. Shortly after I got home, I saw this tweet, and… ‘It me,’ as the kids would say. Jokes aside, it looks like the Ontario booking system has actually been working reasonably well. Fun fact: they’re using the same third-party queuing service that NBA Top Shot uses.
  3. Despite the slow ramp-up, Canada’s vaccination rates are climbing quickly - we vaccinated almost 1% of the country on Friday. A part of me wonders if the early scarcity of vaccines and the whole pop-up, vaccine-drop phenomenon (at least in Toronto) is actually driving better numbers. The social sharing is definitely helping - that’s how I got my dose. But this TikTok speaks the truth. 😂
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Christopher Mudiappahpillai
Christopher Mudiappahpillai @mudiappahpillai

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