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By Christopher Mudiappahpillai

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Five Things: Preserving Languages, Preserving Images, Preserving Life & Toronto Goss

Trigger warning: one of the articles below deals with suicide.


Five Things: Alcohol, Poverty, TV & Rebuilding Your Enamel

And we're back after a brief hiatus.


Five Things: Actually, seven.

_______NotesThe older, maybe cooler, term I've always preferred is 'xennial'. But I guess that's pretty cheugy now. Also, 'geriatric millennial' is pretty funny.I applaud the idea, but it's still too dependant on those organizations' bottom lines. Universal b…


Five Things: Let's Talk About Vaccines*

Moderna, if you're keeping score. I've been large side-effect free - a bit of arm soreness, and a slight fever overnight.Shortly after I got home, I saw this tweet, and... 'It me,' as the kids would say. Jokes aside, it looks like the Ontario booking system h…


The Dispatch Redux: Five Things To Read This Week

Also footnotes. If you've read my writing in the past, you might remember my fondness for footnotes. And distaste for - at the time - emoticons. Some things change, and somethings will always stay the same.Sometimes there will be more than 5 links. Or less. I…


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